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4” Square Decoy TrackLight LA20121 R00

TrackLight uses high-quality, DOT-approved LEDs for illumination. Some trailers still use the older incandescent bulb variety of trailer lights. Fitting a TrackLight to such a trailer would stand out and perhaps lose some of its ‘covertness’.

In order to avoid this situation, Anytrek also produces Decoy lights that look, install and illuminate exactly the same as a TrackLight; the only difference being that the decoy is simply a LED Stop/Turn/Tail trailer light with a license plate light without any of the tracking components. Fitting a TrackLight on the driver’s side of the trailer and a decoy on the other side provides a balanced view of a pair of identical LED Stop/Turn/Tail trailer lights.

It’s a very economical solution to ensure you gain all the benefits of using a TrackLight, including its covertness.

4” Square Decoy TrackLight LA20121 R00

Features & benefits

  • · Material: Polycarbonate Lens, PC/ABS Housing
  • · Lens Color: Red
  • · Housing Color: Black
  • · Voltage: 9-15V
  • · Size: 4″ square
  • · IP67 sealed enclosure
  • · Install on the driver side
  • Technical specifications

  • · Looks, functions and installs the same as a normal LED Stop/Turn/Tail trailer light
  • · Self-install, no special tools required; no cutting, drilling, or splicing needed
  • · Draws power from the stop and/or tail light circuits
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